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Would you like to learn to dance with a hoop? Or move gracefully to music while moving smoothly with a hula hoop? Get to know the great passion of Anita de Reus and let yourself be carried away in the world of hoopdance. During her studies as a Mensendieck remedial therapist, she discovered the hula hoop and since then they have been inseparable! She helps people to reduce their physical complaints by teaching them a more favourable posture, among other things, and discovered that she also enjoys giving hula hoop lessons.

Professional lessons by a certified hoopdance teacher and Mensendieck remedial therapist.

Different levels to keep the quality of the lessons high.

Small groups for more personal attention.

Courses can be taken several times, as they will be different each time.



I am so glad that I found Anita! I have had some lessons before, but she really teaches in the way I like and from which I can benefit a lot. You learn a lot in a short time, her explanations are really good and she sees exactly what you are doing wrong so you make progress quickly. You get lessons in small cosy groups with enough personal attention and nice music. She also makes good quality hoops that you can continue with at home and it's just very sociable. I am not someone who likes the gym and always finds an excuse not to run, but I always look forward to these classes. I am a real fan 🙂


Lovely teacher, great lessons and atmosphere! Makes one sooo happy!


Great teaching methods and super lovely teacher ⭐️⭐️⭐️


My hoop journey started with Anita and 3 years later I am still having my daily class with her. 🐬 Anita is sweet, she cares and makes you progress with your flow but also teaches a variety of tricks and moves for all levels. These classes are amazing for connecting... with yourself as well as with the other cool girls from the group! We need boys though!^^ See you next week!🔥♥️

I have been taking lessons from Anita since mid-May and have made a lot of progress because of her clear and fun explanations. Every time I learn something new. She has not left me yet


It's great that you are also a movement therapist! This is really reflected in the structure of the exercises. Because you work with small groups, you have plenty of time and space for individual attention. Top supervision! Learned a lot! Thank you very much! Stella.


The hula hooping evenings with Anita are always a party! In a very accessible and clear way Anita teaches you how to hula hoop, regardless if you are just starting or if you have some experience. Beware: it is addictive fun!


Anita is the hoop dance instructor at Hulahoops in Motion. She knows a lot of beautiful hoopdance routines herself and she is able to pass them on to the participants in her workshops, on every level. I have done a number of series of workshops with her now and find it super fun to do. Every time I learn new moves in a hoopdance flow. If you want to learn more about hoopdancing, join Anita's workshops!



The lessons are cosy, relaxed and a lot of fun! Anita is very clear and patient in explaining new tricks. If you would like to follow hoopdance: Anita is highly recommended for all levels!


I have been coming to Anita's classes every week for over a year and each lesson we learn something new. No two classes are the same. The tricks are tailored to each individual's level: no matter what your experience is. Anita is an amazing teacher with lots of patience and full of positive energy. I always feel great after these classes and would highly recommend to everyone no matter where they are in their hoop journey

Hila Hoop 

Anita is a great hoopdance teacher, her hooping and technical skills are unparalleled. She always has specific exercises to get you into the trick she's teaching, plus every time you're struggling with a trick she's capable to identify the reason and get you to master the trick. I love her classes because she is used to have small groups (usually not more than 8 per class) allowing her to pay lots of attention to every student (it's almost like having a private class), so you can always be sure that what you are paying for the class is worth. My flow has improved so much since when I started taking classes with Anita and I'll always be grateful to her for this. I wish her all the best for her hooping life. Thanks Anita


Super these lessons every week. You learn several new things every week with the possibility of learning tricks that you suggest. Also a lot of attention for the right technique and dance moves.
How to glue movements together or make them more beautiful.

Anita can explain everything very well, has a lot of patience and does her best every time to make the lesson interesting for everyone. She has taught me a lot and has been able to teach me many tricks that I had not been able to do before.
Thank you Anita!


Anita is a highly motivated and pleasant teacher who always provides a challenge for both beginners and advanced students.

I started at 0 and the rapid progress in both tricks and choreography was very gratifying. After almost 2 years I still regularly go to the lessons with great pleasure and I still learn new things every time!

If you want to learn to hoop fast and well or want to expand your repertoire of cool tricks, it's definitely a good idea to take lessons with Anita!


Hooping is freedom, an excuse to dance anytime and anywhere, and the perfect way to learn to move your body parts separately and elegantly. That is what I learned from Anita. That, and an abnormal amount of new tricks every week to trance, indie, pop and classical music. I started with Anita as a complete noob on level 0 and within a year I moved up to the advanced group, where she doesn't bore a single person. You learn flow, tricks, and how to compose a dance routine within your own style. LOVED!