Hoopdance Beginners 1 & 2 Beginners & Intermediates

Always wanted to learn to dance with a hulahoop? Or did you already started and you want to learm more. You’ll learn waist hooping, dancing with the hulahoop and several tricks. Hulahooping is not only good to improve your fitness but also good to improve eye and hand co├Ârdination, you will be more flexible and go out of your mind into your body. Hulahooping to nice music and before you’ll know the one hour class is finished!

Examples are: shoulderhooping, breaks, junmp, weaves, isolations, elbows and much more on- and offbody tricks. You will learn new sequences and combinations. Anita will challenge you to discover your own new combinations. The groups will be small so there will be enough personal attention for everybody. 

This course contains 5 x 1 hour classes. You can join the course several times if you like it will be different every time. Are there certain tricks you would like to learn? Feel free to contact Anita and she will add it to the classes.

The course contains 5 1,5 hour classes

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Hoopdance & flow advanced

In this course the tricks and combinations will be more challenging and Anita will combine everything into a nice choreography so you can add them to your own hoopdance. She will challenge you to make beautiful connections in between tricks. Are you struggling making combinations, and do you want to expant your flow and style.

Work on flow and experience how it is like to be in this state. The time stands still, taken away by the music and your dance and tricks become one. 

The course contains 5 1,5 hour classes

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Workshop at your location or specially for you

Would you like a workshop at your work? Your bachelorette party? Your birthday?

Contact me and I will let you know what the possibilities are.